Reflective Piano Music

As my main instrument is the piano this page is solely for Reflective Piano Music. This page will fill up over the next few weeks but, for now, here are the first pieces. I hope shortly to add some pieces with the accompanying music. These will be probably in PDf format. It will be interesting to how people will interpret my Reflective Piano Music themselves.

 Three Short Pieces

Reflective Piano Music Smoke RisingThree Short Pieces

 Take it Easy

Take It Easy



For Rob

Music for Reflection Loch LomondThis is for my friend Rob, a Scotsman now living in Australia and much missed. I know Australia has great and beautiful scenery but it’s not Scotland and a Scotsman may make a good Australian but he will always be Scottish.       For Rob

Reflections in C

Reflections in C

Music for ReflectionStill Far Away 






Piano Piece