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Update 12th September

After quite a time of not adding to my site I am now getting back into action. I am starting off with adding a classical music page in which I am putting recordings of me playing my favorite classical piano pieces.

Latest Additions


15th September. Tone Poem No1                   Video Page

05th March.   Still Far Away                                Reflective Piano Music

10th March.  Star                                                       Music Page Six

09th March.  Spring                                                 Music Page Six


Please note: There is now no download page as music can be downloaded by clicking on the grey button next to the music player. Also, I have decided to make the music available on this site as a resource and it is therefore royalty free. All I would request is that my name and web address be included in it’s use. However, if you do wish to contribute to the costs of my efforts, please use the pay pal donate button below. All contributions  appreciated with gratitude.


About Music for Reflection.

Reflection is an important part of life. It is the opportunity to find a meaning to what is going on around us, to work out what everything means and our part in it. Music for Reflection gives us the opportunity to separate ourselves from and slow down the events that make up our everyday life and work out who we are in all of this. This is a website primarily about music and its ability to focus our emotions and thought in a way that words cannot. The music is all original and based upon my own life experiences. As I am a Christian, most of them tend to relate what I experience with the knowledge that what I am going through is not a random sequence of events but something with an underlying purpose and principle. I don’t think it is necessary to have a particular belief in God to enjoy my music. I do however think it helps to have a mind that is open to the possibility that there are indeed more things in heaven and earth than are dreamed of in our philosophy. The music tab is the link page to the music and lists the titles available on the following pages.The music is on the pages shown in the right hand sidebar when you open the music tab. Each page has three pieces of music on it. There you can read the short description of the piece then press the blue play button. All being well, after a few seconds buffering the music should play. To download this music simply click on the button next to the music player.